Finding Armenia

A film by Nubar Alexanian

Finding Armenia image

When your family’s brutal past is denied, how do you make sense of the present?

Finding Armenia is the result of that question. Without even fully understanding where their ancestral "Armenia" was, Nubar and Abby set out on a journey to understand their shared history.

Finding Armenia will provide a timely and thought-provoking personal account of what it means to be Armenian today, and how Armenians' identity and moral place in the world has been profoundly changed.

Director/Producer: Nubar Alexanian

Editor: Sabrina Zanella-Foresi

Consulting Producer: Jocelyn Glatzer

Consulting Producer: Jackie Mow

Consulting Producer: Laura Wiessen

Cinematographers: P.H. O'Brien & Nubar Alexanian

Writer/Producer: Abby Alexanian

Start Date: October 2011

Release Date: 2024

Fiscal Sponsor: Filmmakers Collaborative

Target running time: 65:00

Status: currently in postproduction..